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Some JMU SMAD majors who are volunteers at the shelter created this video.
Cinematography: Jessie Karach
Editing: Jessie Karach and Tony Schaffner
Music: "Dakota" By Ben Palmer

Thank you so much for your interest in working with our pets! There are many different ways to help the animals and our shelter.

Adult Volunteer Program: People 16+ can apply for this program. A basic orientation is required to go over safety protocols and training regimens that we implement here with our animals. Click orientation to see the dates when classes are offered. You can email the volunteer coordinator at humane[at] to find out more or to sign up for a class.

Teen Volunteer Program: Teens 13-15 may apply for this program with the permission of their parents/guardians. Teens will come with a parent/guardian who is over 18 to an orientation covering safety and pet training along with what our expectations of them are and what they can expect from us. Since we do not require parents to accompany this age group, they are restricted to how much they can interact with pets. Our teens' main responsibility is to teach our dogs manners through their kennel doors. They will not be permitted to walk dogs or work with any other pets at this time, so this program may not be for everyone. Orientations are held on an as-needed basis.

Kids Club: Kids 6-12 may apply for this program with their parents/guardians. Kids will meet at the shelter once a month during the school year for a brief educational program before working with pets with their parents. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this program, there is a waiting list. Orientation for kids and parents is required. Once a family has come through the year of kids club, graduates can come with their parents to work with pets at anytime. At no time is it permissible to drop kids off at the shelter. We do not have the staff to monitor them to keep them safe.

Attention College Students required to do interviews for a class project:

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we recieve to grant interviews for class projects, we have the following policy:
* Interviews are granted as time permits, and preference is given to shelter volunteers.
* Please complete the Request for Interview and Information form and either fax it to us at (540)432-9509, or bring it to the shelter. Note: This application is NOT for becoming a volunteer, it is for class papers, group projects, etc. If your professor also requires volunteer hours, visit the "orientation" page of this website for class dates.
* If an interview can be granted, you will be contacted by the appropriate staff person, depending on the goals of your project, to schedule an appointment for the interview.

*No interview questions will be answered by email


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